Whats Saving My Life Now

Here’s my shortlist of “What’s saving your life right now?”
1). Gmail- I’ve consolidated 7 different emails accounts into 2 and using Gmail to manage it all.

2). I have migrated from Apple iCloud to Microsoft cloud to Google cloud. I have to say that Google is the best experience of them all. Less work, less clutter and less hassle when you work in that ecosystem.

3). Newcomer “Amazing Martin” app – a literal swiss knife for tasks, projects and anything else you can throw at it. It’s really unique in the productivity space because you can turn on/off features you need or don’t use. The system has “strategies” that turn on helpful tools like pomodoro timers, labels, and just about anything you would want from a task/project management tool. It’s put my Todoist system to shame in just about every way. I’m on a free 30 day trial where I imported 450 items from Todoist into Amazing Martin. Check this out! https://www.amazingmarvin.com/

The tech I use in 2019

The technology I use is always in motion, just like the industry itself. My choices are organized in two lists: mature or emerging technologies. Mature Technologies are solutions that have full features and are cross platform for use in work and personal applications. They tend to be well funded and established with premium models in the marketplace. Emerging Tech are solutions I am watching closely to possibly switch to, are new or in development, not full featured or all cross platform. Companies are startups or small and may have free offerings.

Mature Tech
Note Taking: Microsoft OneNote
Office Productivity: Microsoft 365
Todo or Project Management:Todoist
Operating Systems: Windows 10, MacOS Mojave
Hardware Companies: Lenovo
Mobile: Apple iPhone 7 Plus
Tablet: Apple iPad
Wearables: FitBit Charge 2
Apps: TextExpander, 1Password,
Cloud Storage: Microsoft OneDrive

Emerging Tech
Note Taking: Notion, Google Keep
Office Productivity: Notion
Todo or Project Management: Microsoft Todo, Notion, Google Tasks
Operating Systems: Windows 10
Hardware Companies: Samsung
Mobile: Samsung Note 9
Tablet: Apple iPad
Wearables: Xenxo S Ring, Samsung Galaxy Watch
Cloud Storage: Google Drive

What technologies are you using this year and what are you looking to use in the future?

Dangerously Distracted!


In our always connected and busy world you will be pushed and pulled into many directions. Some things will be critical for you to handle now. Some things will just distract you. Some distractions can be deadly!

Webster defines distractions in three ways:

  • something that makes it difficult to think or pay attention,
  • something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc.,
  • a state in which you are very annoyed or upset,

David Allen says “The degree to which your attention is being grabbed is the degree to which you are not free to place your attention where and how you want to.” There is a way to be less distracted throughout your day but it requires critical note taking skills and review habits!

The power of a note and its supporting elements (file folder, journal, Microsoft OneNote or app) is that you can think about something and then put it away. You can take action on it when you actually CAN do something about it. Leaving it “in your head” will guarantee it will distract you in the least convenient time. That’s like getting a phone call every time you don’t want one.

Who wants to live like that?



David Allen, http://gettingthingsdone.com/newsletters/archive/0909.html

Image Credit: https://www.freeimages.com/photographer/chidsey-43131

Are Your Goals on Your Todo List?

A really important part of the GTD methodology is the idea of horizons of focus which include personal and professional goals.

I’ve not seen an app directly integrate goals into the workflow except for Doit.im and FacileThings. For years I have been using task/project manager solutions without goals directly tied to the work I have been doing.

Without such a focus, you’ll work on things that really don’t matter to you and that’s a waste of your time, focus and life.