An Open Letter to FitBit’s CEO

Dear Mr. Parks and the rest of the FitBit Management team.

FitBit has a problem that needs to be corrected today. Many of the women (and a small percentage of men) are being harassed and hit on through your service. Many users are threatening to leave the platform because of it. I’m sure you’re well aware of the problem. I’m advocating for all users because when one user leaves, it encourages others to leave as well. Facebook is a great example of this. While still popular, it’s already starting to decline.

We know there are mechanisms for reporting jerks, perverts, scammers and harassers but it is ineffective. In social circles we simply don’t include the people we don’t like or cause us trouble. The answer is “closed” groups within FitBit that trusted users can use the FitBit platform without fear of unwanted and uncomfortable harassment.

You already have the solution present in Challenges. Each challenge is by invitation and typically includes only trusted friends in the FitBit platform. You could develop a similar process to create a closed group of trusted FitBit users for interaction. It creates an insulation from the “friend” list which could include perverts, scammers, harassers and the like.

By doing nothing (including relying on the current app features to deal with the problem) you risk users like myself and many others to leave. It’s time to bring closed, private groups to FitBit before we start to leave en masse.

Thanks for your kind response and attention to this matter.

Michael Potter