Be the Man with Two Brains

Only in movies can a man have two heads. I’m going to recommend that you have two brains.

The first brain is installed and you’re using it now very effectively by reading this post. The second brain requires only a writing instrument, some time and a habit formation.

The idea of a second brain is to use technology to offload the information that you receive every day and move it to a trusted place where you can benefit from it when needed.

Your brain is great at recognition, but pretty terrible at recall. It outperforms the fastest supercomputers on the former, and is outdone by a 1980’s solar calculator on the latter.” -Tiago Forte

The five phases of GTD include
(1) capture what has our attention;
(2) clarify what each item means and what to do about it;
(3) organize the results, which presents the options we
(4) reflect on, which we then choose to
(5) engage with.

Getting Things Done – David Allen

Using pen and paper, digital notes or recorder, you can get information out of your head and effectively use the second brain for capture, recall and processing.

Try it today and get your second brain out of the movies and into your real life.


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